Murat Alat

Murat Alat (1983, İstanbul) graduated from İstanbul Bilgi University Cultural Studies MA program. From 2007 to 2015 he worked as project coordinator and exhibition manager in İKSV, Arter and Salt. Since 2015 he has been writing texts on contemporary art and organising workshops, seminars and education programs. He is still writing for Art Unlimited on a regular basis and working as a consultant for Visual Art Projects of the Municipality of Nilüfer, Bursa. He is also programming “Açık Seminer” which is a research and public education programme being held under the roof of Saint-Joseph High School in collaboration with the art initiative Poşe. He studies philosophy and psychoanalysis and thinks on the conjunction of politics, ethics and aesthetics.

Murat Alat - Fluid Dreams

"For a long time, no one has said to the stone or steel, ‘What form do you want to take?’ Neither the people are asked what kind of house they want to live in, nor the wind, nor the water are consulted while the buildings are built. In the non-existing space of computer programs, virtual materials are bent and twisted, structures are built to obey the will of the power. As well as everything is manufactured the space is manufactured too, but production is made only for the sake of the survival of the production…”
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