Alper Bıçaklıoğlu & İlyas Hayta - Fish Memory

Fish Memory, Video
3 minutes 43 seconds

A short interpretation by İlyas Hayta on the empty street that Alper Bıçaklıoğlu gave life with his apocalyptic depictions; two artists meeting in a dead end…

While the video includes Alper Bıçaklıoğlu's dioramas that make the audience look gigantic, İlyas Hayta is inspired by this empty and dead-end street and offers a critical look at the isolation conditions we live in today.

Beyond exact modeling, Bıçaklıoğlu mainly employs graffiti, one of the most important arts representing subculture and he only reduces the structures in size that have art on their outside in his productions.

The artist, who positions us as giant ghosts, is now detailing a street in his dreams. The dead end of the artist which turns the "outside" into "inside" takes us to a surreal world through the eyes of Ilyas Hayta.

“... Our lives focused on city life and socialization are now shifting to rooms and screens with the transformation we go through. When we look at our divided lives, we can see how we move, how we are afraid and how we are motivated; We seem to be trying to navigate in a sunken city, half awake and half dream "

Alper Bıçaklıoğlu

Born in Sakarya, 1982, Alper Bıçaklıoğlu moved to İzmir in 1999 and worked as assistant of Ozan Ünal until 2005. The artist moved to Istanbul in 2008, worked as assistant of Yasemin Aslan Bakiri until 2010. In 2010, he settled in Izmir again and received the WOA Certificate from the Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum Art Work Determination Commission and established his own workshop where he still works. The artist, who takes part in many group exhibitions and fairs, has eight personal exhibitions. These are; 'powoq' PG Gallery Istanbul 2019, 'Hidden in the Walls' Space Istanbul 2016, 'Fear of Emptiness' Artnext Istanbul 2014, 'Wall' Mabeyn Gallery 2013, 'Legal Street' Mabeyn Gallery Istanbul 2012, 'Adam and Eve' Füsun İnan Gallery İstanbul 2011 , 'Otomorfoz 2' Hush Gallery Istanbul 2011, 'Otomorfoz 1' V Sanat Gallery Istanbul 2011.

İlyas Hayta

Born in 1982, Kilis, İlyas Hayta graduated from Çınarlı Anatolian Technical High School Radio and Television Department in 2000 and Süleyman Demirel University Radio and Television Department in 2002. Ilyas Hayta, who worked as a cinematographer for local televisions such as Izmir TV, Ege TV and Yeni Asır TV between 2002 and 2012, also worked as a director and cinematographer in many different works including documentaries, short films, video clips and commercials. Some of these works are; A Tobacco Story 2012, İzmir National Library 2013, İzmir Agora 2014, Turkish Martyrs' Cemetery 2015.

Production Unit