Hanife Buğurcu - Window

Window, Intervention to the space, 150 x 50 cm.
Wall built with found shoes and soil mixture

Although the Sümerbank Fabric factory looks like an evacuated and looted area at first contact, it still bears the traces of the past. The remains of the workers and the piles of shoes seem to form a whole with the rubble of the building.

Nothing is ever completely destroyed, always evolving into something else. The work done evolved in this way. The artist used leftover shoes she found at the factory to complete a broken window.

Hanife Buğurcu was born in 1990 in Izmir. She completed her undergraduate degree in DEU FFA Ceramic and Glass Design Department in 2017 and started her graduate education in DEU FFA Ceramic and Glass Design Department in the same year.

The theme “memory” lies in the basis of her work. The artist produces installations about the memory of the object, culture and material. She continues her work in the ceramics workshop belonging to the K2 contemporary art association.

Exhibition Unit: Factory Settings