Berna Dolmacı - Hilltop World

Hilltop World, Installation, 250 x 200 x 120 cm.
Clay, coffee, dried flower, grass, soil, stone chips on cloth

The mountain brings;

(from) Far away,
Feeling the scent,
Turning towards the color,
Purple thyme on the foothills of the mountain;

Aligned in stems.
Let it (your) smell…
As the wind blows-

Stones and big rocks…

Older than trees,

Their story must be precious-

to the much experience hidden under centuries-old souls … -

Berna Dolmacı was born in 1994, Akşehir. The artist, who completed her undergraduate education in DEU-FFA Painting Department, continues her graduate education in DEU-FFA Painting Department. Sketchbook practice is at the heart of the works of the artist who lives and produces in Izmir. These visual diaries she created later evolved into a collage technique with the desire to create images with different materials. Since 2017, she went out of the notebook and started to produce large collages with waste paper colored with non-industrial organic materials. Since 2018, the connection of collages with space has become stronger, and they have shown themselves as large installations and space coverings in process-oriented public spaces. Since 2019, the artist has been producing his works with an ecological understanding of art.

Exhibition Unit: Factory Settings