Aycan Genlik - Flag

Flag, Intervention with original Sümerbank, 260 x 90 cm.
Viscose fabric and marker pen on 200 x450 cm. ruined wall

Flag: A fabric symbolizing the unity of a nation, used as a symbol of a certain community or an organization, specially designed in color and shape, mostly rectangular, usually drawn to a post, hanging on a floor. (According to Turkish Language Institution-TDK)

This 16 thousand square meter area where we are located belonged to Sümerbank, the national symbol of a period. Beyond being a factory, this place resembled a country due to its functioning system and socio-cultural structure. However, the transformation it has undergone in time is well known…

Like other factories in different parts of the country, the area was left to its fate, unprotected in the early 2000s and was plundered by scrap dealers. Anything that had a value in terms of money was taken away.

The hollowed-out buildings, now without four walls, consist of a pile of excavation decorated with palm and pine trees... It is unknown what will happen to this attractive land in the city center, but the 'new generation living spaces' rising one after another give a clue. For now, it continues to exist as a place of homeless people, paper collectors, and vagrants who come to get their head high...

Even though there is no material trace from its past, it is not erased from the memory of a generation that can complete the sentence "Domestic goods, the property of the country..."

Aycan Genlik was born in 1981, İzmir. She graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism. She started her work life in Milliyet Art Magazine; she continued as a reporter and editor in Milliyet and Akşam newspapers, and as a style editor and editor in Super and Seventeen magazines. She returned to Izmir in 2013 and met with ceramics; she graduated from Izmir Institute of Technology, Ceramics and Glass Technology Department. After a while, she started to give basic ceramics education to children in her workshop in Büyük Kardıçalı Han, and organized exhibitions called "Yumurcakların Kırılcakları (Breakables of Kids)". She also worked as editorial consultant (2017-2020) of Lokall Izmir City Guide, of which she was one of the founders.

The exhibitions she took part in: Small Worlds, Curator: Stefan Bohnenberger, K2 Contemporary Art Center, 2015, Izmir; Darağaç, meantime 2016, İzmir; see: darağaç, 2017, Izmir; Darağaç III, 2018, İzmir; Destruction, globlokal, 2018, Izmir; Memory and Story, A Room of One's Own, 2019

Exhibition Unit: Factory Settings