Glob.Era is a production and exhibition platform that brings together art, design and technology. While creating temporary collective experiences among artists/producers, it tries to establish a link between the artist and the audience by exploring different forms of production.


With the belief that thinking and producing together is more valuable than competition, Glob.Era pursues the continuity of this common movement by remaining loyal to the transformation theme it has adopted.

Glob.Era offers us a space where we can perceive art and life together, and openly question our contradictions; where we can navigate between new languages, different readings and different layers of understanding.

Presenting different perspectives on nature, environment, human and urbanization issues, as well as emphasizing the ironicalness of the damage the humanity suffers originating from industrialization in the human-centered age we are passing through are among the objectives of the Glob.Era.

Depending on the archaeological work it has carried out, Glob.Era argues that concepts such as progress and development have lost their meaning in today’s world where precarity and uncertainty have set as the new normal. It wants to touch upon the field of industrial relations, which is a subheading of this discussion, through the culture industry.

Glob.Era acts with the principles of sharing, co-development, and cross-border organization. It tries to establish itself in the context of accepted ethical values.

Glob.Era is open to anyone who wants to imagine the future together in the light of these principles.