How the information will be processed is determined by 'human'. Information proliferates as it is processed. Although digital information is not disconnected from the world we live in, it has other identities in the visual.

For this reason, digital information and knowledge of nature should be processed in a soft union. Thus, a plain and pure universal language can be acquired. Instead of experiencing the new world of knowledge in two different identities in an ambiguous and fragmented way, experiencing them together, within each other producing new data together is important in the sense of expanding the boundaries that exist in our roots, seeing the beauties of the earth with digital data and reaching ideas from them. Holistically, any knowledge corresponds to experience. Experience, on the other hand, regardless of its nature, is a flow, continuity, and experiencing something that shines in eternity. Pendulum works as a simulation of the experience gained with the augmented information and allows the receiver to watch and listen to this experience. It presents us the oscillation between organic data and digital outputs of organic data in a tonal and geometric harmony.

RE.sole, composed of Ahmet Ünveren and Ecem Dilan Köse searches for new production methods in the field of digital art by prioritizing contemporary art approaches in their artworks and performances. RE.sole sets out with the motivation to transfer their own thoughts and emotions to the artwork they produce. The duo use the issues they have in mind and they create a new perspective about the new world and about being organic in the digital creative platforms. Ecem Dilan Köse is a conceptual artist who uses digital platforms, mostly researching light and texture. She produces or transforms new textures. Ahmet Ünveren explores the possibilities of the physical and digital environment and aims to take advantage of the potential relationship between time and volume.

Founded by Ecem Dilan Köse and Ahmet Ünveren in 2017, RE.sole is known for its audio-visual installations and performances. The intersection set of the two artists is their architectural education and their interest in architectural design. They have individually participated in many national and international exhibitions, received degrees in many competitions and held performances. Some of the events where the duo took part as RE.sole; Sonar Istanbul 2020, Digilogue Istanbul 2020, Contemporary Istanbul 2019, Convex-Çankaya Contemporary Arts Center Ankara, Unfolding-Bilkent University Ankara 2019, Sonar Istanbul 2019, Digilogue Istanbul 2018